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This blog is dead. Go visit triple involution.

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2015 musings

And now, at 05:20 in the morning local time, some meditations for the new year. I am now a graduate student, studying pure mathematics, 8 months away from graduation. As anyone in a similar discipline will no doubt confirm, this … Continue reading

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An angel came down for a meeting of the American Philosophical Association. Greeting the assembled philosophers, the angel offered to answer a single question for them. Immediately the philosophers set to arguing about what they should ask. So the angel … Continue reading

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Real world

Today, I went to the real world. This took over an hour. Upon arriving there, superfluous information. I am overwhelmed. Confused. I wander aimlessly for an eternity. Entering a store, I manage to locate an original, aesthetically appealing black object. However, one who … Continue reading

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Not moving

Never mind. I’m not moving; just not ready yet. I will no longer bother trying to move until I feel the time is absolutely correct. I will write a post soon. Until then, here are some good Epik High songs. … Continue reading

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Bounded gaps seminar

From Stanley Xiao: I am looking to organize a series of learning seminars on the topic of bounded gaps between primes. In particular we will focus on the paper of Yitang Zhang and the subsequent paper by the polymath project … Continue reading

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is more or less how I would describe my life this term. I almost never stop doing assignments. I really need to at least write a statement of purpose so that I’m ready to apply to grad schools, but I … Continue reading

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