Bounded gaps seminar

From Stanley Xiao:

I am looking to organize a series of learning seminars on the topic of bounded gaps between primes. In particular we will focus on the paper of Yitang Zhang and the subsequent paper by the polymath project headed by Terence Tao. We will also look at the preliminary work of Bombieri, Friedlander, and Iwaniec, as well as the results of Goldston, Pintz, and Yildirim.
I would like to hold an organizational meeting on Wednesday, January 15th at 2:30 PM (time is subject to change), at MC 5046.
At the meeting we will discuss:
– How often will talks be given, and on what subject; and
– Who will contribute talks (the former will depend on the latter).
For undergraduates, they should have read some books or took some courses on analytic number theory and sieve theory before attending. I also assume that they are familiar with rudimentary material like real analysis and undergraduate algebra.
Thank you for your interest!

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