Sick again

So after I recovered from a good month’s worth of pneumonia last term, I figured it would be quite a while before I came down with something again (my habit of eating truckloads of vegetables every week seemed like it was doing a decent job of keeping me healthy). Apparently not. I woke up with a raw-feeling throat sometime last week, and since then a bunch of weird things have been happening. I keep getting acute jolts of chest pain, waking up feeling like I’m deaf in one ear, and so on. Most of all though I’ve just been feeling very weak physically, and I can’t seem to concentrate on doing anything for more than a few minutes. My body just wants to sleep all the time, and when I wake up (whatever random time of day or night it may be), I eventually end up just lying down again since I can’t get anything done (I slept for 20+ almost consecutive hours sometime last week). What’s more, I probably really need to eat something to get my energy level up, but I’m way too out of it to even prepare food, so I forced myself to go eat out yesterday. On my walk back home, the weather was horrible (cold/rainy) and I felt like vomiting. Living like this, wasting days on end, is atrocious.

This is probably my own fault though. I only have one class this term, and research jobs are flexible with when and where you work. This has translated into me sleeping whenever I’m tired, and as a result, being awake at completely arbitrary hours (everyone is sound asleep the majority of the time I’m awake). This is starting to get old since there is never anyone around to talk to; you’re just submerged in this trench of absolute silence 24/7. As soon as my symptoms disappear I need to start eating and sleeping regularly again. People think it’s funny when I show up at school at 9:00pm to start my day, but I have to admit, this lifestyle is seriously driving me up the wall.


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2 Responses to Sick again

  1. Rafid Hoda says:

    I know this is not the solution to this multifaceted problem, but have you considered exercise? If you start running or biking you will see a significant increase in your energy levels after a few weeks. You cannot go wrong with proper exercise paired with good diet. Let me know if you want to get into running.

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