First meeting of SMAG

Today was the first meeting of the Seminar on Modern Algebraic Geometry. I started the term off by defining the basic objects of (classical) algebraic geometry and building up to the affine ideal-variety correspondence. Notes are available on the SMAG website in case you missed it, and I will try to continue typesetting and posting everyone’s talks. The next talk is this coming Thursday, May 16 in the same place (MC 5136B) at 5:30pm and the speaker will be Yossef.

Thanks to everyone who came out! We really hope that after a couple of weeks of talks from the coordinators, you’ll help us out by volunteering to talk every once in a while. It’s not very hard to do, and it’s great experience. Let’s keep this thing alive!

If you have any feedback about the first meeting, or things you think we should do differently, feel free to leave a comment. 🙂


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just another guy trying to make the diagrams commute.
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