Due to various circumstances, I have decided that I will drop PMATH 467 (Algebraic Topology) this term, and instead take it one year from now. Although I plan to continue attending lectures, the notes for that offering of the course shall be discontinued moving forward. The other notes for this term will be up-to-date soon. If you wish to study this material, there are very good books on the subject which *cough* are freely available online (some legally so, such as Hatcher):

  • Hatcher, Algebraic Topology
  • Munkres, Elements of Algebraic Topology
  • Massey, A Basic Course in Algebraic Topology
  • Fulton, Algebraic Topology: A First Course
  • Rotman, An Introduction to Algebraic Topology
  • Spanier, Algebraic Topology

The first two books are the ones being used by the current instructor for PMATH 467, in case you were wondering.

Of course, I personally find reading much more enjoyable when I have an actual book in my hands, and although I strongly believe that knowledge should be free to all, I encourage you to make the investment if you feel the author has done a good job.


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