NOTICE: Moving

In the near future, I will be moving to a minimal blog. The math will be powered by MathJax, which is much more flexible than what I currently have to make do with on You can check it out right HERE, although it’s heavily experimental/unstable, and most of the posts there at the moment are completely incoherent babble and will be deleted when it goes live.

Aside from still being in the process of writing the code for the blog, I’m also trying to sort out some security issues. I also need to figure out how (or if) I will be transferring all the posts and comments from this blog, and how that will work; seems like some pretty hardcore XML parsing will be required, but it’s probably doable.

There will be no changes to course notes and other resources; these are indeed already linked to on the new blog, and will be available indefinitely.

Subscribers: Please be aware that when the change takes place, you will probably no longer receive email notifications about new posts or replies to your comments (until I can figure out an effective way to implement this functionality, which probably won’t be for a while).


About mlbaker

just another guy trying to make the diagrams commute.
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