Fall 2012 so far

It is currently morning, and I am sitting in one of the Mac labs across from the PMC. The mouse wheel is gummed up, and the keys are a bit sticky, so I suppose I am about to hammer out a post in a sense that is more literal than usual. Speaking of “usual”, eduroam is down as well. I got to campus about 40 minutes ago; apparently there was a power outage in this wing of the third floor. Incidentally, this lab is illuminated only by my LCD screen. It is palatably nostalgic.

The week so far has been interestingly ethereal. When the term began, I made a serious attempt to change my lifestyle. I swore to never again allow myself to foray into the early ante meridiem hours, and it went well for a few weeks. A few days prior to the deadline of the first functional analysis (PM753) assignment, however, it slipped. I subsequently pulled an allnighter Sunday to Monday to finish it — it ended up being 7 pages, and took a truly absurd amount of time to finish typing and revising, considering I had completed 3 of 4 problems almost a week before the deadline. It was an enlightening assignment, and I think I vanquished it in the end, including 1 of the 2 bonus problems which I may mention in a later post (credit is of course due to Chenfei, Joseph, and Jimmy, discussion with whom was crucially insightful).

After submitting functional on Monday morning, I promptly fell asleep after class, and woke up that evening — behaviour which would apparently characterize this week (at least up to isomorphism, if you know what I mean). With the Wednesday deadline for set theory/model theory (PM733)’s first assignment on the horizon, there was little time to waste. Due to some annoying technicalities, I somehow did not sleep Tuesday night either. If you’ve heard of the movie Taiyou no Uta with YUI, yeah… that’s pretty much me right now. Literally a child of the night.

I know there’s probably another 24 hour day ahead of me now: Friday is the deadline for both the Galois theory (PM442) and combinatorial enumeration (CO330) assignments, although the latter should be mostly trivial. Nonetheless, I will probably spend most of today in a dark corner thinking about field extensions (and apparently trying to factor a damn degree-20 polynomial). I desperately need to do laundry, but (for the first time ever) the laundry room at my place of residence is unclean, indeed, it is home to an alarmingly large population of drain flies, so I do not savour the time I spend in that room. On another note, the camera I use to film lecture videos is suffering from a “lens error”, which seems to be caused by an internal motor problem, so I need to get it repaired. As soon as this is out of the way, I will try to find the time to make some summary videos of things I’m learning right now.

One more thing I feel the need to comment on is the University’s decision to close the MC balcony in the C&D. There is a notice posted on the door, reading something to the effect of “this door is to be kept locked at all times […] numerous violation of smoking policy […]”. I was overcome with disgust immediately upon reading this nonsense. Firstly, I am disappointed with the University for closing a whole balcony to punish students simply because some idiotic proper subset of them decide to smoke there. Guess what? People smoke outside of every single entrance to MC. If you deny this, you clearly haven’t been around the building late at night. I can’t even count the number of times I have exited MC across from SLC and seen a group of 4-5 people smoking directly in front of the “NO SMOKING WITHIN X DISTANCE OF THE BUILDING” sign. I honestly feel like asking these people how they possibly manage to read their SOA exam questions if they can’t even comprehend such a simple sign. Anyways, I’m finished ranting about that.

Two down, two to go. Good luck with the rest of your week, everyone, and I will see you on the other side.


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