Fall 2012: Update

This term I’ll be typesetting

  • PMATH 442, Galois Theory
  • PMATH 733, Model Theory and Set Theory
  • PMATH 753, Functional Analysis

Note that CO 330 is an endless diagram exorcism, and as a consequence will not be typeset. GG.

Also, there will be a change to the note format; there will now be a page break before each lecture, no matter how many trees will be mercilessly razed as a consequence. This is because I print my own notes about one day after the lecture and put them in a binder. This corresponds to the fact that when I handwrite notes, I don’t start a lecture at the bottom of a page, so I don’t want to do that in typeset notes either. Finally, when it comes to Fall 2012 notes, I advise against printing the notes for lecture n until the start of lecture n+1 since changes will often be made during that timeframe.


About mlbaker

just another guy trying to make the diagrams commute.
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