If anyone is able to provide (complete) notes for the week of Monday, July 9 for any of the following courses, please comment. Full credit will be given, of course.

CO 342, CS 341, MATH 245, PMATH 352, PMATH 740.

I will be in British Columbia at CUMC 2012 and therefore unable to attend lectures.


About mlbaker

just another guy trying to make the diagrams commute.
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3 Responses to Request

  1. John Graydon says:

    Why are you taking 245 again?

    • mlbaker says:

      I’m not (nor am I taking 352 again). I just think the material is interesting, so I’m typesetting notes for the people this term, and have been doing so since the beginning, so I want to actually finish the notes and not have them incomplete.

  2. cbright says:

    I am also compiling notes for PMATH 740. You’re welcome to use them, although it would probably require a fair amount of work to get them into your format. I’ve never felt completely right posting my notes publicly, but maybe I’ll start.

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