CUMC 2012

My 45-minute talk at CUMC 2012 (held at UBC Okanagan) will be a lucid exposition of the history and theory of special functions and orthogonal polynomials (spherical harmonics, in particular, will be discussed), motivated by classical problems from mathematical physics. I will try to keep the talk as accessible as possible, but some modest complex analysis will almost inevitably be a prerequisite, considering the subject matter.


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just another guy trying to make the diagrams commute.
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2 Responses to CUMC 2012

  1. v says:

    This topic, coming from you, is surprising. I don’t know this area well at all, but what makes orthogonal polynomials more special than other special functions? Also, it seems that you are trying to cover (too) _many_ functions from a scatter of fields. Do you plan to include LOTS and LOTS of graphics of the functions? and talk about their behaviors? and applications? Like, what do you expect your audience to take away from your talk? A bunch of names of functions? You know, if one can learn more from Wikipedia than your talk, then you will just be wasting people’s time. (I am in absolutely no position to criticize your topic or your approach and I don’t mean to offend or discourage you in any way. Cheers.)

  2. Tony says:

    This will be a very enlightening talk which will open up many doorways to the audience when you present the talk. I wish I could be there.

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