I spent a fair amount of today sitting around in the PMC office thinking about cool problems of CO 380, a very interesting course which I am not enrolled in. Most of the problems are elementary and combinatorial, and admit elegant and rather cute proofs. I will perhaps post about it when the assignment deadline has passed.

Here‘s an interesting paper about methods for evaluating

\displaystyle \zeta(2) = \sum_{k=0}^\infty \frac{1}{k^2}.

I am pretty sure we saw the residue calculus technique in PMATH 352 (see here, \S 3; I highly approve of this), and the Fourier analytic technique in PMATH 450.

Also, it seems like I will soon be working with the Waterloo Mathematics Review as an editor!

EDIT: Midterm 1 complete; it was pretty easy. C U @ CUMC.


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