2012-05-30 #2

On an unrelated note, various people have recently ordered me to go to CUMC politely asked whether I am planning on going to CUMC at UBC this year. I am definitely interested in going, although I am not certain what I would do with respect to living/food arrangements for those days. Also, I would miss 9 lectures (only 5 of them corresponding to courses in which I am actually enrolled, but nonetheless). In any case, MEF would subsidize my travel expenses, so in a sense, I feel like skipping out is akin to taking a match to a 600-700$ cheque…

I also feel lame going to a conference and not presenting a talk. Ideally, I would talk about something geometric and linear-algebraic, but I am not sufficiently prepared to give a sufficiently electrifying talk (one has to go big, or go home).


About mlbaker

just another guy trying to make the diagrams commute.
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