A random comment from the internet: “In the extensive amount of mathematical knowledge I acquired for my degree in finance, I have never heard of an ‘Abelian Group’. Undoubtedly it is another part of ‘Pure Mathematics’, That useless branch of study that many academics turn to when they find they are ill-prepared to survive in real world subjects, and must pick something which allows them to spend their time poring over obscure symbols that have no bearing on reality whatsoever. Too weak to deal with the uncertainty that is real life, they must study a field with clearly defined axioms so that they can feel ‘secure’ in their ‘knowledge’. Such pursuits are vain and self-masturbatory, and I find it repulsive that you would consider any of it’s practitioners to be a ‘heavy-hitter’ in mathematics.”

Pretty accurate.


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just another guy trying to make the diagrams commute.
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One Response to 2012-05-03

  1. anon says:

    If he has never heard of an abelian group then he obviously doesn’t know very much about math. Also, it would be interesting to know his position on art (music, etc..). I have met some people who *hate* pure math because most of the time it is not immediately useful, but they don’t feel the same way towards art.

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