Music of the primes

So, this Spring term, I’ll be finding the zeros of \zeta(s) in PMATH 740 (analytic number theory), alongside CO 342 (graph theory 1) and CS 341 (algorithms 1). 3 courses seems a bit light, but I think it’ll be nice since 740 will probably be demanding, and I’ll also be working on a few other things on the side as well. One of those things is a self-study of differential geometry, to prepare for PMATH 763 (Lie groups), since I will have to override the PMATH 365 prerequisite. I’ll also be typesetting Stephen New’s PMATH 352 this term (I couldn’t resist — as an excuse, I’ll blame it on the fact that my own complex analysis notes are subpar and I need to review the material, due to 740). Aside from that I’m contemplating some simple musical endeavours, time permitting. Learning math is a pleasure, but you know, I’d rather not consume it as fast food.

I hope Winter went great for everyone, and I’ll see you soon! Cheers.


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just another guy trying to make the diagrams commute.
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