Does anyone know when the PMATH 764 final is?

Oh man… yet another night I’m unable to stop thinking of interesting questions. Midterm tomorrow (sigh). I hate exams (just awful at writing them) and often feel I’m just slower than everyone else, but when given a decent environment and some time to think, I’m able to be pretty original. If I won the lottery, I would honestly drop out of university, and do mathematics for the remainder of my life, using the money to stay alive… but I realize I’m just a dreamer. I wonder if I’ll even get into grad school at this rate.

Next term, there’s not too much offered (still contemplating whether I want to subject myself to AMATH 231… I’d probably be better off reading Spivak’s Calculus on Manifolds), so I think I’ll just chill out, take 3 courses, and do my own “research” on the side, by which I of course mean “spam this blog with interesting posts” (sorry about the shortage lately, by the way).

I’m going back home for reading week. I have quite a significant amount of catching up to do in classes, but hopefully I’ll have time to make some posts, and play around with cool stuff.

Ah, I’m just so sick of reading the textbooks. I look to them for inspiration, yes (mostly the problems), but I think we need to toss them aside every once in a while and let our own curiosity drive us wild.

The human mind is a thing of truly unmatched power.


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6 Responses to Dreamer

  1. I recommend the following free resources to further pique your interest in algebra, galois theory and algebraic topology =D :


    • mlbaker says:

      What is up with this world and the absurd amount of PDFs I hope to one day get around to reading…

  2. nigelvr says:

    How do you feel you did on the PMATH346 midterm yesterday? I felt it was pretty straightforward, but I messed up a lot for some reason.

    • mlbaker says:

      Yeah, it definitely was straightforward (from an objective standpoint). I was rusty on the later parts of #2, but I think everything else went well.

  3. meh says:

    PMATH764 Exam
    Monday, April 9, 2012
    9:00 to 11:30am
    MC 4040

  4. meh says:

    I am a dreamer too…too bad dreams will rarely become true. I cried today thinking about I will be working at some well-defined job one day and everything inside me will begin to die. I am just a pile of human flesh…dead inside. I might as well kill my physical self some time unexpectedly as there is nothing in this world I want to live for.

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