OK, so considering the amount of interesting discussion being generated on this blog as well as on Facebook posts lately, I’ve decided to start an actual forum which will exist alongside this blog (there will be no blog/forum integration, although perhaps some topics on the forum will be related to posts on the blog). I am still working everything out, so the forum looks a bit rough for the time being. Regardless, please feel free to sign up, post any interesting discussion, and so on. I’d prefer if you used your real name as a username, but this is not absolutely necessary. The forum will support LaTeX markup.

My aim with the forum is for people to be able to make discussion topics on anything they want, without a fear of that topic being considered too elementary (or equivalently, too high-level). Hopefully there should be enough participation so that discussion of all levels of math can flourish nicely. How can you help this happen? Well, I think you can figure that out! 😛

Also, I am aware of the massive number of existing mathematics forums on the Internet, but I’m hoping this one will develop into a kind of unofficial meeting place for Waterloo (Pure) Mathematics; a place where people taking pure math/advanced math courses here can all meet up and talk about cool things — since I’m sure there’s no shortage of interesting pure math people here! Maybe in the future we’ll expand, but for now it will be a pure math forum.


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just another guy trying to make the diagrams commute.
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2 Responses to Forum

  1. So can I start a thread on applied maths? =D

  2. dx7hymcxnpq says:

    Yes, you definitely can!

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