IAM videos

On my spare time, I’ve been recording some videos in an effort to introduce younger students to the foundations of math. Eventually I’ll get into some less elementary stuff, and hopefully I might make one person realize how much the Canadian high school mathematics curriculum sucks, and give them a look into what real pure mathematics is like. Perhaps by some crazy stroke of luck, this person will even decide to study math. See my YouTube channel (alternatively you can just directly go to the IAM playlist). Cheers.


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just another guy trying to make the diagrams commute.
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7 Responses to IAM videos

  1. William says:

    The next step would be to find some way to market these videos to younger student, as I have found in my high school experiences that 90-99% of the student body will most likely hate mathematics by the end of their four years.

    As an example, I know of only two people in my graduating class of ~250 (myself included) who have decided to follow a career centered on mathematics.

  2. goldayce says:

    On a somewhat unrelated note, check this out:


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