Resolution pt. 1

I suppose it’s time I sat down and wrote a follow-up to last week’s post. In fact, I was already a ways through composing such a follow-up post a few days ago. In that post, I discussed how I had reached the conclusion that I would stop studying computer science, and began to give a breakdown of the reasons. Of course, this post is not that post, and there is a reason why when I logged on tonight, I did not simply open that draft and continue composing it.

Several days ago, I withdrew from CS 240 and CS 251. I could have probably stayed in the courses, but I was too afraid of scarring my transcript with mediocre marks in such important core courses (well, I suppose 240 is the important one, given my future plans). Those with whom I talked generally discouraged this action, but I think it was the wiser thing to do. The assignments are generally a pretty good indicator of one’s progress in a course, and as I thought, I performed sub-par on the 251 midterm, wholly due to the fact that I did not fully complete the assignments. I saw the same thing happening for 240, so I figured there was no point in waiting, and just withdrew. There’s no point wasting any more effort on assignments in a situation like that. Withdrawing from courses too frequently is risky and does not look good, but in this case it seemed like the only viable option.

The real point of this post, however, is to point out that during this stressful period, many friends and family gave me their advice, for which I am sincerely grateful. Their collective persuasions subverted a decision that could have proved rather harmful to my future.  I’ve thus decided that I’m not going to stop studying computer science. The only course in my sequence that depends on CS 251 is CS 350 (Operating Systems). Since I found CS 251 so far from palatable, the outlook does not seem particularly wonderful for CS 350 either, and hence I plan to take these two courses as late as possible, which is admittedly somewhat a gesture of procrastination, but mainly a way to make sure my applications to graduate schools aren’t tainted by the poor marks which I’m likely to achieve in those courses.


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2 Responses to Resolution pt. 1

  1. goldayce says:

    Hey, I am not a CS major, but I have heard various comments from theoretically oriented students on how frustrating some of the CS required courses are. Although you have decided to continue with CS, you can always consider doing a minor in CS and focus on PMATH and possibly CO as well.

    • dx7hymcxnpq says:

      Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I was thinking about that, but it’s really just those two courses that are going to be rough I think, so I’ve decided to just tough it out :). I think CO is pretty awesome, so I’ll probably be taking some of those courses too, assuming it won’t completely kill me, haha.

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