a mathematician’s apology

Unlike G.H. Hardy did 71 years ago, I actually mean it in the sense of remorse. I’ve been completely flooded with assignments lately and have had no time at all to kick back and write an article for the joy of doing so. Last week I had 4 assignments due: PMATH 352 for Wednesday, and CS 241/CS 251/MATH 245 for Friday. I slept, in total, for about 15-20 hours that whole week approximately.

So, I apologize for the lack of math posts, but I’ve been eating, breathing (and snorting) math for the past 7 days, and it seems I will probably continue to do so indefinitely. I’m sure eventually I’ll have the leisure to post again, though. For the meagre set of people who actually enjoy my posts – hang in there!




About mlbaker

just another guy trying to make the diagrams commute.
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7 Responses to a mathematician’s apology

  1. fomalhauty says:


  2. goldayce says:

    Apology accepted.
    You should write more often.
    And best of luck on your upcoming midterms.

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