Titles (a filler post)

I’m in the middle of exams, but I figured it might be resourceful to post which books I have.

Rudin; Principles of Mathematical Analysis (McGraw-Hill)
Protter, Morrey; A First Course In Real Analysis (Springer)
Edwards Jr.; Advanced Calculus of Several Variables (Dover)
Silverman; Introductory Complex Analysis (Dover)
Wade; An Introduction to Analysis (Pearson)

Friedberg, Insel, Spence; Linear Algebra 4th Edition (Prentice Hall)
Deskins; Abstract Algebra (Dover)
Warner; Modern Algebra (Dover)

Mendelson; Introduction to Topology (Dover)

Computer Science and Mathematical Logic
Abelson, Sussman; Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (MIT Press)
UNIX in a Nutshell, 4th Edition (O’ Reilly)
Kleene; Mathematical Logic (Dover)
Zhongwan; Mathematical Logic for Computer Science (World Scientific)
Halmos; Naive Set Theory (Springer)

Hawking; God Created the Integers (Running Press)
Hawking; On the Shoulders of Giants (Running Press)
Hawking; A Brief History of Time
Smith; History of Mathematics Vol. 1 (Dover)
The Penguin Dictionary of Mathematics
Aleksandrov, Kolmogorov, Lavrent’ev; Mathematics: Its Content, Methods, and Meaning (Dover)
Tenenbaum, Pollard; Ordinary Differential Equations (Dover)

Menzel; Mathematical Physics (Dover)
Joos; Theoretical Physics (Dover)


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  1. shamtest says:

    I can’t seem to be able to reach this page from my smartphone!!

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