Fall 2011 Pre-Enroll

So I pre-enrolled for Fall 2011 yesterday (also known as “the term when I can finally live in UW Place again”). I chose these 5:

PMATH 351, Real Analysis
PMATH 345, Polynomials Rings and Finite Fields
CS 341, Algorithms
CS 350, Operating Systems
CO 355, Mathematical Optimization

(Except for the CO course, these are all compulsory courses for my PMATH/CS double major. Yay for no “non-math electives” -_-) I’m really enjoying MATH 249, so I’m thinking of doing a minor in Combinatorics & Optimization (CO 355 will be my first course as part of this, and then I will need 3 more.) After doing so I realized maybe I should take CS 348 (Intro to Databases) instead of CO 355, but screw that. To be honest I don’t even know if I’ll take CS 348; most of it sounds like a repeat of stuff I already know, and I’m planning on focusing on more theoretical courses (CS 365, formal languages and parsing, quantum info, symbolic, etc.) for the CS side of things. Anyways, I think the next two terms will be awesome because I can finally wash my hands of statistics (honestly, I wouldn’t be able to stand one more course on it) and be free from CS 246, which despite not being difficult, has been the worst experience in university so far. The course is SO BORING. Your head gets drilled with the syntax of bash and C++, and you get taught software engineering stuff like UML. Enough said.


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