Another post devoid of math (sigh)

So, I managed to somehow survive last week and finish the MATH 147 assignment. Saturday and Sunday were spent almost exclusively on the last CS 145 assignment, which I still have one problem left to do on, but other than that, my course work for the term is over. It’s a feeling of relief, mostly.

In other news, I got the last MATH 247 assignment back today, and observed that the TA had docked me a bunch of marks because I… oh wait, I don’t even know what I did wrong, because the TA apparently decided that he/she wouldn’t even put forth the primal effort to make REMOTELY legible scratches on my paper. Great.

Anyways, it’s end of term, so I’m not going to chase that person down. The MATH 247 lecture today was spent dealing with the implicit function theorem and “parametrized manifolds“, and moreover the exam is on Friday anyways, so I barely even have time to leave the house between burying myself in Protter and Morrey in addition to numerous Dover books.

Anyways, expect this blog to be bombarded with math posts as finals get closer…

Note to self: Try Aptosid with XFCE for the winter term. It looks pretty cool.


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2 Responses to Another post devoid of math (sigh)

  1. Wait a sec… how are you able to repeat/get graded on courses you’ve already taken before?

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