Worn out

So I feel the need to apologize to the quite-likely-empty set of people who actually read this blog (actually it’s no secret that I merely employ this blog as an instrument to justify talking to myself). I’ve been completely worn out these past few days, surviving off horrible food, and finding diverse ways to tie myself up with matters completely unrelated to my courses, which as usual has lead to an orchestrated onslaught of disorder and stress. As a consequence, I haven’t been able to find the time to finish some of my earlier posts.

Currently I’m staring at the last problem of the last MATH 147 assignment (a weird proof that can apparently be solved by Taylor polynomials), which is due tomorrow morning. There’s also an enormous CS 145 assignment due Monday which I haven’t really started, so I’ll probably be spending this weekend coding.

Overall, I think this term should go pretty well. Interestingly enough, despite being the point of my greatest interest, my analysis courses have been the hardest to deal with this term, barring MATH 145 (that midterm wasn’t even reasonable). I mainly attribute this to the fact that MATH 247 is a very difficult course, and I wasn’t giving it the attention it needed earlier in the term. I’m feeling quite confident about it now, though. As for MATH 147, it’s effectively the fourth time I’ve seen differential calculus developed. Once in grade 11 through my own reading, once through the grade 12 course, once in MATH 137, and now again (exactly one year later) in MATH 147. My main motivation for taking MATH 147 was to see the theoretical development of sequences, limits and so on, which I feel is quite important to analysis. CS 145 (dare I even say this?) is probably my easiest course this term – I have full marks on almost every assignment to date and both midterms went extremely well. STAT 230 is a course I’ve been only marginally following; the material is simple enough that reading the notes before each midterm has proven quite effective so far. Finally, as for MATH 135, I sat in on that course a while back and they were doing Fermat’s Little Theorem, something 145 covered ages ago. Now they’re doing complex numbers, and compared to 145, the proofs are obvious. Since virtually my entire mark is based on the final exam, which will presumably place the emphasis not on number theory (which I can’t stand), I should be fine.

A lot of people may find it bizarre that I’m working on a pure math major despite utterly hating numbers. But really, a lot of math has nothing to do with numbers; it is concerned merely with the study of structure.

Anyways, think I’m passing out. Cheers.

EDIT: Woot, it seems that MATH 147 problem solved itself while I was sleeping. Inductive differentiation… wow.


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